Sylvia Davis has been teaching classes, workshops and groups for over fifteen years as well as doing  personal counseling sessions.  Sylvia’s focus is on deepening people’s spirituality in a practical manner by bringing forward ways of putting into practice the principles that allow each of us to live our lives with awareness and empowerment. She emphasizes the need to develop a practicum of living our lives based on universal spiritual  laws in a grounded and useful fashion by developing tools for use in our everyday lives. Learning how to become mindful and to recognize that presentations in our life act as guideposts for our unhealed issues is a prominent part of Sylvia’s teaching. These practices take us to higher levels of perception, rather than living in a state where we are unhealed and victims of our circumstances. Throughout all of her work, a strong emphasis on working with our energy systems and chakras is present.

Sylvia teaches a variety of workshops and classes, including Tools for Conscious Living, Power of Choice, Aligning and Healing the Chakras, The Sacred Contract, Spiritual Parenting, The Art of Manifestation, Yoga of Relationship, Opening the Heart, and others. She also teaches several ongoing small groups. Workshops introduce concepts and tools whereas small group work deepens our awareness and intensifies our practice. All workshops, classes and groups contain components of meditation, exercises in awareness, spiritual sharing, lecture and discussion. Sylvia teaches some of the above classes at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon and at Chemeteka Community College in Salem.

Sylvia’s focus in all of the above areas concerns accessing how to get in touch with our individual spiritual tasks, and developing a personal practice that will bring our systems into greater alignment, developing greater health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Additionally, we learn to live more and more in the moment, releasing projections and expectations as we become spiritually mature.

Her own spiritual journey has included over eight years in the School of Actualism and the techniques of Agni Yoga,  studies with The Self-Realization Fellowship, studies with Michael Dawson from the Findhorn Foundation,  Reiki training, Michael Harner’s Shamanism Course, and in-depth study of the works of Bartholomew, Almaas, Zukav, Myss and many others. Sylvia has a B.S. degree in Human Resources with an emphasis in Psychology, an Associate Degree in Child Development, is a Reiki Practitioner, and recently completed the Eric Pearl training program in The Reconnection..




B.S. in Behavioral Science, emphasis in Human Resources and Psychology

A.A. in Child Development

Other Training (Chronological): 

Reconnection training: Eric Pearl
2002: Oregon.

Nonviolent Communication classes
2002: Oregon.

Dance of the Deer Foundation trainings (Brant Secunda).
1997-1998: California.

Caroline Myss workshops
1996: Boulder, Colorado.

Diamond Heart weekends, Ridhwan Foundation
1996: Esalen, California.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Michael Harner
1995 and 1996: California.

A Course in Miracles, Michael Dawson.
1988, 1991-1992:  Findhorn, Scotland and California.

John Kramer, psychologist, hypnotherapist, past life regression
1989-1990: California.

“Bartholomew” - Mary-Margaret Moore - Various trainings and workshops
1986-1995: New Mexico and California.

Hakomi Institute-pre-training, Dyrian Benz
1993-1995: California.

Reiki Training
1989: California

Rebecca Martin, M.S., classes, personal sessions
1988-1995: California.

School of Actualism
1971-1980: California

Experience - Teaching/Counseling:

Chemeketa Community College
Power of Choice and Chakra workshops
2000-2002: Oregon.

Lane Community College
Power of Choice workshops
Chakra workshops and classes
1999-2001: Oregon

International Women’s Day presenter, The Power of Choice
2000: Oregon.

Led various women’s gatherings - Solstice, New Year’s, Women’s Empowerment
1999-present: Oregon

Taught groups, workshops, and classes;
Introduction to the Chakra System, Power of Choice,
Tools for Conscious Living, Sacred Contract, ongoing small groups.
1998-present: Oregon

Continued teaching workshops in California until 2000.
Introduction to the Chakras, Power of Choice,
The Yoga of Relationships, Spiritual Parenting...

Taught ongoing group classes around the teachings of Bartholomew,
Almaas-Diamond Heart, Myss materials, chakra systems, and others.
1985-1998: California


Spiritual counseling: 1988-present
California and Oregon

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