Personal Counseling Sessions

Personal counseling sessions are an integral part of Sylvia’s practice. 

Focusing on the journey of the individual soul, Sylvia brings in a “higher ground” perspective as to the lesson  being learned by the client through whatever challenge is currently presenting in their lives.  

This work always involves spiritual aspects of an individual’s situation and recognizes that we all serve as reflections to each other concerning what needs to be healed within us.  Even though the “challenging person or situation” is discussed, Sylvia’s counseling revolves around what is happening inside the client. The key is looking at what is happening rather than “what is happening to me”.

Strengths that enhance the personal counseling sessions include a strong intuitive nature, a high level of communication skills, insight that allows a potential paradigm shift, and an ability to readily connect with the energy that is being presented within each situation.

Sylvia encourages the client to take responsibility for their own healing and growth, bringing forward the personal power of the individual.

If you would like information about scheduling a personal counseling session,
please send an e-mail to the address below:

Or call: (541) 345-2803

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