It is my pleasure to write a letter of reference for Sylvia Davis.

She teaches a Chakra Systems class for the Salem Area Program
with Chemetka Community College. Sylvia approached the college
to teach this class in 2000. We worked together to write a course
outline, develop a flyer, and promote the class. As we offered
the course, it became clear that students would have a better
learning experience if we expanded the class to three weekly
sessions rather than a two day intensive workshop format.
As we grow and develop the course, Sylvia has been responsive,
flexible, and creative.

In a written assesment of her class, the majority of the students
gave Sylvia excellent ratings for her clear objectives, knowledge,
preperation, enthusiasm, willingness to give personal help,
and selection of instructional materials.
students wrote:

"The instructor was incredibly knowledgable,
and very engaging. She made the material easy
to understand, and was consistently open and
receptive to questions."

"The instructor's presentation style and knowledge..."

"Sylvia was an enthusiastic and knowledgable teacher.
She took a diffucult subject, and condensed it and
explained it well."

"The class was structured yet relaxed enough to feel
free to ask questions. The instructor was excellent
and had a visible love and understanding about what
she was teaching. She has inspired me to continue on."

Students found the subject matter and the instructor
to be very positive. When asked,
they wrote:

"I will be using the material to make positive
changes to my life."

"To be able to think more about why
I do the things I do that are negative."

"...to treat others how I want to be treated."

I have found Sylvia to be a very positive person who is dedicated
to teaching. When I took her class, I was impressed by the depth
of her knowledge and skill at creating a comfortable atmosphere
for learning.
This is essential in a class where students may
discuss personal issues.

I have enjoyed working with Sylvia.
She has a special ability to connect and communicate with people.
I have found her to be dependable, organized, and professional.
She has a passion and dedication to sharing the lessons
of the Chakra systems, and the personal power of choice.
If you need further information, feel free to contact me.


Meg McGill

Salem Area Program Coordinator




Sylvia Davis is an instructor who works within the framework
of the Chakra energy system, but she can more prosaically be
described as an uncommonly able and accessible guide to growing up.
Wedded to her extensive knowledge and study of spiritual tradition
and thought is a shrewd and compassionate understanding of
human experience. With genial humor and sober attentiveness,
Sylvia engages her students in examining the unobserved lessons
of their everyday lives and in taking responsibility for life's
course of truest value and purpose. Seated in a group with Sylvia,
you find yourself relinquishing the griefs that bind you down
and rediscovering the spirit that this wise and wonderful
teacher kindles in your heart.

-Anne Burrowes




As an instructional coordinator for Continuing Education 
programs at Lane Community College, I worked closely with
Sylvia Davis from 1999 until the time I left the college
in July of 2002. Although I coordinated for over 50
instructors, Sylvia stood out as one of the best and
most reliable I had the pleasure of working with,
and I am equally pleased to give her the highest recommendation.

Sylvia proved herself to be extraordinarily dependable
and reliable, always aware of our time frames and
anticipating what actions were necessary for her to take.
It was a pleasure to work with someone who was so organized
and communicated so well. If I were presented with an
opportunity to hire her all over again,
I would do so without hesitation.

Throughout our many interactions, Sylvia demonstrated
exceptional integrity in following through on promises
and meeting critical class and schedule deadlines.
Although I never observed her teaching, I have no
doubt that her communication skills and genial
personality added to any class she taught.


Will Phillips



For the last twenty years I have used counselors, coaches, teachers, books and schooling to further my interests in self-growth, psychology, client relationships, ethics, spirituality and healing. My searches have taken me to places that caused great changes in my life and the ways in which I view the world and those that share it with me. Of all the resources I have garnered and picked clean like bones in the sun, Sylvia Davis stands out as a primary and profound source of all those subjects I have delved in. Sylvia's abilities to see into situations and people and then offer solace, healing, and tools for learning are in themselves phenomenal. Balanced with her personal ethics and broad perspectives of the worlds in which we each travel individually, those talents and sources of wisdom that Sylvia offers become more than invaluable - they provide a paradigm for living. Sylvia is not a guru, nor is she a prophet. More importantly she is an earth-bound library of trainings, workshops, schools and readings, offered up through her filter of loving right-action, based in a deep and compassionate knowledge of human experience. My experience with Sylvia had renewed my own journey with laughter, perspective and empathy for this life that I draw out, day by day. I thank her for her many, many tools and the wry and wise ways she passes them on. And I call myself extremely lucky to be able to call her friend and teacher.

-Lauren Bailey




Meeting Sylvia Davis could not have come at a better time in my life.

A time when I fully realized I was seeing PATTERNS that
I didn't like seeing when it came to RELATIONSHIP.

I realized I couldn't just blame THEM!
Why was I making these choices? How could I NOT CHOOSE that again?

Sylvia helped me to "unwind the pretzel",
taking apart the painful and troubling issues I saw.

I'd been to several counselors before,
and often felt like I was either doing all the talking,
or that they weren't getting to THE HEART OF THE MATTER.

Sylvia, in her heartfelt and deep listening way, understood.
I know now that I won't make those choices again.
That doing the inner work is important.

I can give the highest recommendation for Sylvia Davis
as a one-on-one counselor as well as for group or workshop settings.

You'll leave there smiling and you'll make progress.

-Lisa Ball




This is a letter of high recommendation for Sylvia Davis
and the wisdom she brings to our world.

I have had the privilege of knowing Ms. Davis for four years,
first as a fellow group participant, then as a friend,
and now as a women’s group leader, a personal counselor and workshop facilitator.

Ms. Davis is a dynamic group and workshop leader.
She has the skills to confront with compassion, therefore making your encounter
with her a valuable experience. I believe those who are fortunate enough to have
Sylvia as their teacher will have a life-enhancing, if not life-changing, experience.
She is a skilled teacher and counselor who will touch you in a way that will teach you,
among many things, how to accept yourself, warts and all.

Sylvia is honest, direct, compassionate, and fun!

Carol Harrison, M.A.
Mental Health Therapist


To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure to know Sylvia Davis for the past thirty-two years.
Our relationship began when we were next-door neighbors in 1970 and has
continued through to the present. Sylvia possesses the most optimistic and
positive nature of anyone I have ever met. Her enthusiastic approach to life
and contagious excitement in the gain of personal knowledge was
instrumental in my personal decision to return to college at the age of 50.

I regard her as my mentor and I hope that, as a teacher, I will be as compassionate
and resourceful as Sylvia is. Her extraordinary zest for life and willingness and
desire to help people shines through in everything that she does.

Her rapport with people is well known.
She is honest, trustworthy, and has the unique ability to guide others
through their personal trials. She has provided each member of my
immediate family with needed advice and guidance.

I consider myself fortunate to have Sylvia as both my role model and my friend.


Debra S. Hogue




Sylvia has been a part of my life for about four years.

I've taken workshops and classes with her and she has been most helpful in my spiritual growth. She has a loving and caring way of teaching and I believe she can help many people.

I have changed some of my self-defeating behavior and working with the chakra system has made my life much clearer.

I believe anyone who gets a chance to study with Sylvia will find themselves very lucky!


Ginger Bosche

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